Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management
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article2nd IWHA conference, Norway 2001  
article3rd IWHA conference, Egypt 2003  
article4th IWHA Conference Abstracts  
articleAgriculture, Water Resources and Water Policies in Italy  
articleAit Bouguemez - a valley where seasons mark the rhythm  
articleAll the abstracts of the 1999 International Water History Association (IWHA) Conference  
articleAll the abstracts of the 2001 International Water History Association Conference IWHA  
articleAll the abstracts of the 2003 International Water History Association Conference IWHA  
articleAn example of concerted management in period of drought - the basin of the Durance in the South-east of France in 2002  
articleAnalyze of water demand management related to participatory irrigation management activities and water users' associations in Egypt  
articleCharter of the Piave  
articleCoexistence of different irrigation systems in the Nile Delta region  
articleCoordination of ISIIMM project  
articleDurability and fragility of Authorised Syndical Associations (ASA) of irrigation in France  
articleEconomic issues regarding tertiary canal improvement programs, with an example from Egypt  
articleEMWIS project presentation - june 2003  
articleExtension of hydraulic space of Central Haouz ( Morocco )- Incompatibility between big hydraulic and development  
articleFacilitateurs Tools for the development  
articleFarmers' irrigation institutions: cyles of organisation and reorganisation  
articleGeographic Information Systems (GIS) Poster  
articleHow should we study the relationship between environmental regulation and innovation  
articleInnovation and social recombining in Morocco - a geohistoric prospect  
articleIrrigation et propriété citadine dans l'Acequia Real del Jucar au milieu du XIXe siècle  
articleISIIMM case studies : Haouz  
articleISIIMM Case studies : The Ait Bougmez Valley  
articleISIIMM Seminar Oct. 2003 - Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)  
articleLa gestion intégrée de l’eau dans le cadre des bassins versants et ses implications en matière de gestion territoriale - Points de vue de chercheurs méditerranéens et tropicaux  
articleLitani water management - prospect for the future  
articleManagement of the water ressources of the Piave River amid Conflict and Planning  
articleMechanisms of impoverishment of the rural poor in contemporary Egypt  
articleMEDA - Water facilitators in ISIIMM countries  
articleOrigin of ISIIMM project  
articlePerennialisation of the Hydraulic Plans in Spain  
articlePolicy transformation and implementation in water sector in Lebanon : the role of politics  
articleProject ISIIMM : human resources organisation of ISIIMM  
articleScience summary : Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Investigations - Venice, Italy  
articleSubsidiary water in a complex Europe: decision levels, federalism and decentralisation  
articleSurroundings of wetlands: productive spaces of yesterday and conflicts of today  
articleTêt valley presentation - seminar ISIIMM june 2003  
articleThe Litani river basin - Lebanon  
articleThe logical framework of ISIIMM project  
articleThe Turning of a Screw: Social Resource Scarcity as a Bottle-Neck in Adaptation to Water Scarcity  
articleTwo centuries of hydraulic and coton activities in the Nile valley  
articleWater in History: Global Perspectives. An International Historical Conference  
articleWater management in Europe : model for next millenium goals ?  
articleWater rights and communities based institutions in the Pyrénées-Orientales, canal users of Prades (14th - 20th Century)  
articleWhat stakes of development for the systems of khettara  
articleWhich institutions for an equitable and sustainable water management ? Decentralization and reforms of the irrigated sector in the ACP countries  
articleWorksites presentation Egypt - seminar ISIIMM June 2003  

EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Regional Programme for Local Water Management
ME8/AIDCO/2001/0515/59763-P 016
Agropolis, France