Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management
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Support teams    go up

  • Agropolis International : international pole for research, communication and formation  France
  • CEFREM : Centre of Training and Research  France
  • Cemagref : Agricultural and environmental engineering research  France
  • CIRAD : International Center of Co-operation in Agronomic Research for Development  France
  • CNEARC : National Centre of Agronomical Studies on Hot Regions  France
  • UM II : University Montpellier II Sciences and Technology of Languedoc-Roussillon  France

Project partner    go up

  • Association Al-Majal : Al-Majal Association  Morocco
  • Conzorzio di bonifica Destra Piave : Conzorzio di bonifica Destra Piave (development organisation)  Italy
  • FEEM : Foundation Eni Enrico Mattei  Italy
  • IRD : Research for Development Institute - France  France
  • THERMES de l'Ur168 (IRD) : Social Dynamics in Irrigation  France
  • UCAM : University Cadi Ayyad Morocco  Morocco
  • UPV : Polytechnical university of Valencia  Spain
  • USUJ : Syndical Unit of Jucar Water Users  Spain
  • VERSEau : VERSEau Development association  France

Water User Organisations    go up

National organisations    go up

  • APAT : Agency for Environment Protection and Technical Service  Italy
  • FENACORE : National Federation of Irrigants Water Communities of Spain  Spain
  • INEA : National Institute of Agrarian Economy - Italy  Italy

Regional organisations    go up

  • ORMVAH : Agriculture Developpement Regional Bureau of Haouz  Morocco
  • SCP : Provence Canal Society  France

International organisations    go up

MEDA programme    go up

  • EUROMED - Publications : Euro-Mediterranean Partnership - Publications  
  • ISIIMM : Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management  France
  • MEDA Project ADIRA : Autonomous desalination system concepts for sea water and brackish water in rural areas with renewable energies  
  • MEDA Project INWENT : Efficient Management of Wastewater, its Treatment and Re-Use in the Mediterranean Countries  
  • MEDA Project IrWa : Improvement of irrigation water management in Lebanon and Jordan  
  • MEDA Project MEDAWARE : development of tools and guidelines for wastewater treatement and agricultural production reuse  
  • MEDA Project MEDROPLAN : Mediterranean Drought Preparedness and Mitigation Planning  
  • MEDA Project zerO-M : Sustainable concepts towards a zero outflow municipality  
  • MEDA projects / MEDA projets : selected water local management programme projects  
  • MEDA Water Programme : Euro-Mediterranean program for local water management  
  • MEDAProject EMPOWERS : Euro-Med Participatory Water Resources Scenarios  
  • SEMIDE / EMWIS : Euro-Mediterranean Information System on the know-how in the Water sector  

Research    go up

  • CERMOSEM : Research studies center on Mediterranean Mountains  France
  • CNRS : National Centre of the Scientific Research  France
  • CPDP : Department of Polilical Sciences and Public Right  Spain
  • CVER : Valence Centre on Irrigation Studies  Spain
  • DESMID : Ecological and Social Dynamics on Delta Milieu  France
  • DIHMA / IIAMA : Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Ingineering  Spain
  • EHSS : Social Sciences Faculty  France
  • EUWARENESS project : European Water Regimes and the Notion of a Sustainable Status  Netherlands
  • Fondazione Benetton : research and study foundation  Italy
  • Géotropiques : Geotropics laboratory  
  • ICS Press : Institute for Contemporary Studies  
  • IFAO : Oriental arqueology French institut of Cairo  Egypt
  • IRS : Social Research Institut (IRS) - Italy  Italy
  • IWHA : The International Water History Association is an interdisciplinary historical association designed to promote understanding of the history of control  
  • M.T.E. UMR 5045 : Territory Mutations in Europe  France
  • MMSH : Mediterranean Human Sciences Research Center  France
  • ORME (Programme) : Mediterranean Research Observatory  France
  • PCSI : Cordinated Research Programme on Irrigated Systems  France
  • SOAS : SOAS Water Issues Study Group  United Kingdom
  • UNO : University of Oriental Studies of Naples  Italy
  • VST : Research Centre 'City Society Territory'  France

Development organisations    go up

  • CA66 : Chamber of Agriculture 66 Roussillon - France  France
  • CCIAZ : Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and the Beqaa  Lebanon
  • CRIGE : CRIGE - Regional Center of Geographical Information  France
  • CTA : Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU  
  • IISD : International Institute for Sustainable Development  
  • IME : Mediterranean Water Institute  France
  • Plan Bleu / Blue Plan : this NGO propose informations to mediterraneans neighbors for socio-economical development projects  France

Education / training    go up

  • IAV Hassan II : Agronomical and Veterinary Institute Hassan II  Morocco
  • IIZ/DVV : Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association  
  • OLT : Office of Learning Technologies  Canada
  • Université de la Méditerranée : Mediterranena University  France

Governmental organisations    go up

  • MADRPM : Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Maritime Fishing  Morocco

Basin organisations    go up

  • ADBVE : Veneto region Water Basin Authority : Isonzo, Tagliamento, Livenza, Piave and Brenta-Bacchiglione rivers  Italy
  • AERMC : Water basin agency Rhone-Mediterranean-Corsica  France
  • AESN : Water basin agency Seine-Normandy  France
  • AQUAVIR : Hydrografic Confederation of Guadalquivir  Spain
  • Autorita di Bacino : Basin Agency of rivers Isonzo, Tagliamento, Livenza, Piave, Brenta-Bacchiglione  Italy
  • CHJ : Hydrografic Confederation of Jucar  Spain
  • FERAGUA : Federation of Irrigants Communities of Guadalquivir basin  Spain
  • Litani Agency : Rural development agency of the Litani basin  Lebanon

Programmes    go up

  • WWAP program : World Water Assessement International Programme  

NGO    go up

  • ALMAE : Alliance Maghreb Machrek Pour l'Eau  Morocco
  • ASA Info : water user associations information website  France
  • GRET : Research and technological exchange group  France
  • ICID - CIID : International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage  
  • Inter-reseaux : Inter-Network Rural Development  France
  • Rivernet : the aim of RiverNet is to provide world-wide information on river-basins  

European Union    go up

research - development    go up

  • Balwois : Balkan Water Observation and Information System  

Association    go up

  • IASCP : International Association for the Study of Study of Common Property  
  • Tanmia : Tanmia, the gateway of the development community in Morocco  Morocco
  • Tanmia Associations Directory of Morocco : Directory of associations - Associations of development in Morocco - Tanmia gateway  Morocco

EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Regional Programme for Local Water Management
ME8/AIDCO/2001/0515/59763-P 016
Agropolis, France