Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management
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Agropolis International ..........................Agropolis International

Agropolis International is an association that unifies universities and research centres of Montpellier and represents all the research groups working on water management by users' organisations. Agropolis Internation is the overall coordinator of the entire ISIIMM project and, according to the needs of the project, will mobilise experts who belong to various groups working in research-action on problems of water management and human societies such as :

CRALR   Chambre Régionale d'Agriculture du Languedoc-Roussillon

La chambre régionale d’agriculture du Languedoc-Roussillon est le partenaire en développement pour la France. Elle représente la chambre régionale de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur et apporte une aide aux chambres départementales et aux organisations d’usagers de l’eau, impliquées dans les cas d’étude du projet.

ISIIMM project national coordinator : Stéphanie BALSAN

..........................VERSeau Development

VERSeau Development is non-profit association (french law 1901) created in 1983. VERSeau means : Valorization of Studies and Researches in Water Sciences. The Association members includes regional and local authorities, higher education institutions, scientific and research centers, regional developers and SMEs in water field.
VERSeau objectives are :

  • To promote and diffuse the know-how of the Association members, and in a more general way, of the french water community,
  • To ensure a follow-up of the state and evolution of technical innovations, legislation, institutional systems and modes of water resources management on the national and international levels.
  • To join know-how and development by creating partnerships between public and private organizations in order to initiate and to lead actions of expertise, technical advice, training and projects of common interest with the aim to propagate and to put into practice the Integrated Water Resources management principles.

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EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Regional Programme for Local Water Management
ME8/AIDCO/2001/0515/59763-P 016
Agropolis, France