Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management
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Center for Rural Development Researches and Studies, faculty of agriculture, Cairo University

The Center of Rural Development Researches and Studies at Cairo University is leading a team work from all universities and research centres to be located at the areas of study (Pr. Mohamed Nawar). It represents all the research groups working on water management by users' organisations. CRDRS will represent experts and participants belong to various groups like Fayoum college of Agriculture (Prof. Saad Nassar), Al Minya College of Agriculture (Dr. M. Kishk), Behera college of Agriculture (Name will be determined later on), and the Desert Development Centre (Dr. M. Sabbah) which will be responsible about the WUAs in the reclaimed Desert Areas.

CRDRS is taking care of the participation of other experts during the ISIIMM project such as experts from IAMM and may be Mansoura and MGil Universities collaborative project in the area of Distance Learning according to the needs of the project. CRDRS will work with relationships to two main organisations, a governmental one and a NGO:

  • The Undersecretary of Water Advisory Services at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) represents the water users' associations that will be subject to the case studies in all areas of the project since it is the administrative authority in charge of approving the associations annual reports.
  • The Egyptian Association for Sustainable Rural Development is an NGO that have better access to the civil society at the local level. The need of intervention in the third stage of the project for the implementation of specific development activities could be better handled by such NGOs. Formalities and lack of confidence exist often between users' organizations and governmental agencies along with bureaucracy mostly hinders official intervention.

ISIIMM project national coordinator : Prof. Mohammed H.A. NAWAR

EASURD - Egyptian Association for Sustainable Rural Development

Scientific coordinator: Salah M. El zoghby
Email :
Address : 7 Gomboureya St. Apt. 8, Cairo, Egypt
Tel. 00 2012 3105899 Fax No: 00 202 7745057

EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Regional Programme for Local Water Management
ME8/AIDCO/2001/0515/59763-P 016
Agropolis, France