Institutional and Social Innovations in Irrigation Mediterranean Management
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Water rights and communities based institutions in the Pyrénées-Orientales, canal users of Prades (14th - 20th Century)

ID : 643
Theme : Historical

  • Author : Ruf Thierry
  • Year : 2001
  • Language : French
  • Type : Article - paper
  • Source : Histoire & Sociétés Rurales, Volume 16 2001/2

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In the history of rural societies, the development of the irrigated agriculture is a relatively little-studied topic. This article analyzes one of the oldest irrigated territories of the Southeast of France. Since the system is still in use today, we can raise the issue of the premanence and renewal of the hydraulic techniques, and of the institutions which govern its operations. By analyzing départementales and local archives, we can construct a historical continuity and track a succession of crises and reforms. Parties in conflict have always made reference to the founding texts, using them as political resources justifying their actions or claims.

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